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A set of tools, helping you building efficient apps in a fast way.



You can put manualy some data in a store (and the associated cache). This is usefull for:

  • Optimistic UI
    • 1/ You patch with some data you belive will be true
    • 2/ You do a mutation
    • 3/ You patch with the result of the mutation
  • Partial Result & Navigation
    • 1/ You have a list of Post.title and you want to navigate to the detail of the post
    • 2/ Arriving on the detail page, you patch with the title
    • 3/ You do the detail query in the background
    • 4/ When data comes back, it will automatically update the store!
KQL_AllContinents.patch({ continents: [{ name: 'JYC Land', code: 'JYC' }] })