Getting Started

⚡Let's go All-In!

KitQL is primarily a list of tools/projects working together. You can opt-in or out of each any time, but we think that here you will find the best in class way to do graphql from top to bottom!

In order to not repeat ourself 20 times, we have a dedicated page per package and the overview here 👍

Create SvelteKit project

Create a new SvelteKit project.

npm create svelte my-graphql-app

We recommend typescript, eslint, playwright, ... so answer yes to everything 🙃!

Install KitQL

yarn add @kitql/all-in
yarn add houdini
yarn add graphql@15.8.0

Then depending on your needs, you can configure packages individually.

Configuration by package


Create everything you need for your endpoint.

--> Configuration guide

GraphQL Client - Houdini

This package will take care of the frontend part of GraphQL. Typically, you will be able to use queries, mutations and subscriptions in your components & routes in an effortless manner!

--> Configuration guide

Vite Plugin - watch and run

This package will watch some files and trigger a command. We will use it to regenerate some graphql on some files changes.

--> Configuration guide